For any goods or services that are required for the benefit of more than one Department, the Fiji Procurement Office calls a whole of government tender for the supply of those goods, services or works  and enter into a standing offer agreement.

Permanent Secretaries must ensure that all standing offer contracts executed by the Fiji Procurement Office on behalf of Government pursuant to Procurement Regulations 35 sub regulations (1) and (2) are complied with at all times.

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Tender No.



Expiry Date

 CTN 381/2017
1. Green Fingers Project Pte. Limited
2. Singh's Shopping Limited
 25/Dec/2020 Extended
 CTN 379/2017
1. Fiji Agros Marketing
2. Freshet International Limited
 25/Dec/2020 Extended

 CTN 380/2017
1. Fiji Agros Marketing
2. National Produce
3. Fresh et International Ltd 
4. Vuniyawawa's Root Crop Supplies
 25/Dec/2020 Extended
     Under assessment  
 CTN 388/2017
1. Freshet International 
2. Fiji Agros Marketing
3. Tebara Halal Meat
4.CJ Patel
 25/Dec/2020 Extended
 CTN 389/2017
1. Singh's Shopping Ltd
2. Fiji Agros Marketing
3.Tebara Halal Meat
4.CJ Patel, Ashabhai & Co
 25/Dec/2020 Extended
 CTN 387/2017
1. Freshet International
2. Fiji Agros Marketing
3.Tebara Halal Meat
4.CJ Patel
5.Ashabhai & Co
 25/Dec/2020 Extended

 CTN 168/2019(1)
1. Fiji Gas Ltd

Contract for the Supply Galvanized Pipes
Withdrawn due to price fluctuations
 CTN 318/2017
1. Carpenters Fiji Ltd T/A Carpenters Hardware
2.Kasabias Ltd
3.Austec Electrical Pacific Ltd
4.Airmech Services Ltd
5. R C Manubhai & Co Ltd.

CTN 69/2019(1)
Price List
1. Vision Investments Ltd T/A Courts (Fiji) Ltd
2.Niranjan Autoport Limited
3. Toyota Tshusho (South Sea) Limited Fiji

 CTN 226/2017
1. Total Fiji Ltd

 CTN 152/2019
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 1. Pacific Wire Pte Ltd
 2. Ba Industries Pte Ltd

 CTN 157/2018
 1. Mechanical Services Limited
 2. Lincoln Refrigeration Ltd to service only LRL Air Conditioners under  warranty

 CTN 155/2018
 -Click here for Prices list
 1.Janty Kanvan Ltd,
 2.Ashabhai & Co. Ltd

 CTN 154/2018
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 1.Asaleo Care Fiji Ltd
 2.CJ Patel
 CTN 176/2018
 1. Vinod Patel & Co. Ltd
 2. Carpenters Hardware

 CTN 343/2018
 1.Safeway Marine Fiji Limited

 CTN 398/2018(1)
 1. Freshet International Ltd,
 2.Punjas Pte Ltd,
 3.FMF Food Supplies Ltd,
 4.Hardip Narayan & Sons Ltd,
 5. Pacific Hai An Group Pte Ltd,
 6.CJ Patel Ltd
 CTN 21/2019

 CTN 399/2018(1)
 1. Resene Pacific Ltd
 2. Pacific Coating Ltd
 3. Vinod Patel Co. Ltd

Supply of New Tyres
    Contact Mr. Salesi Bolai on email

 CTN 224/2019
  1.Lal's Fibre Glass Boat Building
  2.Safeway Marine (Fiji) Limited
 CTN 180/2019

Contract for the Supply of Automotive Storage Batteries

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  1. Toyota Tsusho South Sea Limited T/A Asco Motors
  2. Fiji Bandag Limited
  3. Sunrise Battery & Tyre Limited
  4.Munaf Motor Parts Limited
  5. Carpenters Fiji Limited T/A Carpenters Motors.

 CTN 165/2019

Contract for the Supply of Water Tanks for Whole of Government

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  1. Gurbachan Singh Tyre Center & Industries Pte  Ltd
  2. Rotomould (Fiji) Pre Limited.
  3. Nands Plumbing & Builders Pte Limited.

 CTN 110/2019

Contract Supply of Office Supplies. (Lot 2: Janitorial Products for Whole of Government.

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1. Max Marketing & Publishing Pte Ltd   08/Dec/2021
 CTN 110/2019

Contract for the Supply of Office Supplies (Lot 3 : Small Office Machines) for Whole of Government.

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  1. Max Marketing & Publishing Pte Ltd
  2. Destiny Holdings Pte Ltd T/A Jedi's Stationery
  3. Acrobat Holdings Limited

 CTN 110/2019

Contract for the Supply of Office Supplies (Lot 4 : Personal Protection Equipment) for Whole of Government

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 1. Max Marketing & Publishing Pte Limited



1 Option Basis Contracts - Written-confirmation must be obtained from the primary-supplier (option 1) of inability-to-supply, before procurement can be sourced from the secondary-supplier (option 2)

2 Air Condition Maintenance & Installation: Agencies must ensure that a representative from the Ministry of Works (MoW) is on-site for any installation/maintenance – Please note that a service-fee applies (payable to MoW)