The Fiji Procurement Office sells items to the public through live auctions on behalf of the Fijian Government. These auctions allows the general public to purchase government-owned assets across the country. We auction all Government assets from vehicles to equipment. Assets that go on auction are no longer needed by the Fijian Government and have been approved for sale.

Contact us on   for further details or to book inspections

Please note that final public auction dates are published in the newspapers.

The Fiji Procurement office will be using a new Vehicle Sales Agreement for all Auction from 2020 onwards.

Upcoming Auctions

Tentative Date Agency Hosting Auction Items on Auction
Jun-22 Ministry of Foreign Affairs  Furniture
Jul-22 Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources, Telecommunication Authority of Fiji and Fiji Correction Service Vehicles
Aug-22 Fiji Procurement Office Vehicles
TBC Ministry of Health & Medical Services  Vehicles
TBC Ministry of Waterways & Environment Barge, Dredger, Vehicles