The Government Tender Board (GTB) provides final approval and advice for all purchases above $50,001. 

The GTB consider tenders, indents or orders recommendations for the supply of goods, services or works and may

  1. award tenders or approve indents; or
  2. reject tenders and indents; or
  3. ask for additional information from procuring agencies with regards to that particular procurement in order to make a decision.

The minutes of the GTB meetings are subject to audit by the Auditor-General.


Membership of the Board

As per Procurement Regulations 2010, the Board shall consist of a Chairperson and four (4) other members appointed by the Minister

1. Governor, Reserve Bank of Fiji (Chairperson)      

2. Deputy Solicitor-General, Solicitor-General's Office      

3. CEO - Fiji Revenue Customs Services

4. Chairperson - Fiji Competition & Consumer Commission           

5. Vacant


Mr Ariff Ali

Ms. Tracey Wong

Mr. Visvanath Das

Ms. Joann Young